Prominent Lawyer: “Blogcasting is Genius. Lawyers Won’t Get It”

Blogcasting is the term I use for the content management program I developed. It’s interview format podcasting converted to YouTube videos and written blogs that rank in Google.A prominent attorney dominating page one of Google in a top 2 market heard about this and gave me a call. I walked him through the program and he told me it’s excellent content management.

However, he said the only drawback is attorneys, in general, don’t understand marketing – and as a rule – they won’t understand what I’m doing. This has forced me to refine my explanation. So let’s see if this makes sense:

The Sprint Part of the Marathon

We record a series of interviews with you. We turn those recorded interviews into podcasts (radio shows on the Internet). Then we convert the podcast episodes into YouTube videos using jpeg pictures and the podcast audio and rank the videos in Google. The videos index and rank quickly.

The YouTube videos contain keywords folks are using to find an attorney like you. Over the course of the year, this can mean 200 videos and Google rankings. We do this week in and week out, year in and year out. Over 5 years it can be 1000 videos and rankings! (By the way, the audio podcasts can also rank in Google.)

We use the the podcast audio, pictures of you and graphics to create the YouTube videos. To rank them, we optimize the videos and create lots of Google friendly social media backlinks. Google helps us get folks to watch the videos, for a fee, and that helps as well.

When the videos rank in Google, it looks like this:Our research has found folks will call off this snippet and not watch the video! So, we’re making your practice very visible on the Internet. What’s more, we’ve found we can rank quite a few videos on page one of Google for the suburbs and towns around your office.

(By the way, I co-host and produce the preeminent weekly podcast on online video marketing – Video Marketing Madness. So I’m an authority on ranking Youtube videos in Google.)

Excellent Content Management for Website Blogs – It’s a Marathon

The prominent attorney also told me about his content rich website due to weekly blog posts. He credited an effective content management strategy, year in and year out, as the number one reason he dominated page one of Google in a top 2 market. That makes tons of sense because it’s what Google wants.

Google is executing a series of algorithm updates that began in 2010. These updates place an emphasis on adding quality content to your website on a weekly basis, no less than twice a month. The emphasis is on the consumer. Do you provide good information that helps them and do you do that often? What’s more, do you play by all the Google rules? If so, they reward you and move your website up in the rankings for a ton of keywords, over time. Therefore, more traffic to your website.

Fresh Content – Your Voice

So, we also convert the podcasts into written blog posts for your website. It’s totally fresh content, written in your voice. What’s more, we optimize the blogs with things Google loves, like embedding some Google friendly links, the podcast episode player and the aforementioned YouTube videos. And like the YouTube videos, the blog posts contain keywords folks are using to find an attorney like you. Google wants to see that you’re committed to adding fresh content to your website, year in and year out. It’s a marathon, not a sprint


The pricing is very competitive. Total cost for the podcasts, videos and blogs is no more than employing a ghost writer for the blog alone. I suggest doing weekly posts, however we can execute every other week or monthly depending on budget. Cost quoted on demand.

Click below for a video with a flow chart and blog sample:

It’s a great program and it extends your online authority.

Specifications at a glance:

Podcast plus blog post plus video. Minimum, one per month. I interview you and can construct questions based on a supplied topic. We create a channel for you on our podcast network. Also, I supply an optimized HTML coded blog post for your website with a podcast player for the episode embedded in the blog copy. The blog post comes from the podcast and is edited to make it easy to read. It’s also Google optimized so your website moves up in the rankings over time.  I create two YouTube videos of the podcast using multiple jpeg pictures and the podcast audio. We rank the YouTube videos in Google. For long tail keywords, we average 25% -50% placement on Google page one and 75% on YouTube page one.

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